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Hello dear friends.

We are very glad to join CM2017.

We will working on CoolerMaster Master Case 5, special thanks to CoolerMaster Iran, who gave us that amazing case!

We've named this case modding CITADEL, as a symbol of armored and strong structures.

wish we luck! :wink:


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And finally, we got our iris diaphragms!

at now, We are working on the front panel. The first step is to install the diaphragms on the panel and after that, we will install the special LCD on the top of panel. the lcd designed for monitor psu voltages and processors temp. IMG_20170319_025217.thumb.jpg.af42913da0e602c0e664489add300ef6.jpgIMG_20170319_025247.thumb.jpg.220cc8b060458383475298934708c611.jpg


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We're working on a proprietary security system.
With this system, only the owner of the system can turn it on! Like a Boss! 8)

You can't find any power switch or something to turn on the system!
This system combined with diaphragm as we have already explained about it. While the system is turning on, Diaphragms opens for air entry!

We'll have a fantastic view!

To be continue...

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