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fix wrong rpm issue
Incorrect Pump rpm reported in UEFI BIOS - What are we doing to fix the issue?

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I created this new thread and hope that other users and Cooler Master may help get something done about this pesky issue, that the PUMP rpm is incorrectly detected in UEFI Bios.


It is my hope to get the official cooperation of Cooler Master's and other concerned users. ;) who are equally annoyed.


The ideal situation is where the Motherboard manufacturers are contacted by Cooler Master and the users in respect to the issue, to that Effect I opened an issue with Asus EMEA (Europe) and will push this to level 2 support.


My reference to report is WTM20170308162458715




In this report I provide screenshot of Asus Suite 3 showing the issue and a screenshot, I also provided a link to the FAQ, when they reply I will add a BIOS shot because I know from experience they will blame the hardware and then make excuses that they dont test their motherboards with all hardware. (Even though they brag the Asus TUF mark 1 being the most tested motherboard with all kinds of usual and unusual hardware).




FAQ link: http://coolermaster.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/FAQ/The-Pump-RPM-of-MasterLiquid


One other user reports below.


Now I know this issue is only a pesky niggling wrong divisor, but if its wrong, please lets get it fixed, not just say, forget about it, eh?


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I received a reply from Asus about 3 days after posting this, asking me if plugging the PUMP into any other header but the W_PUMP header if there were any different rpm readings.


My reply after some tests and what Ive read in forums so far is that, no, the result is still 9K rpm +. Which I forwarded in my reply.


There has been no reply whatsoever from Asus regarding this, and short of the worlds smallest violin playing ;) Im the only one who cares about it.



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Posted (edited)

The overwhelming amount of interest in this is staggering :) Im sure Cooler Masters forums servers are working overtime on all the traffic and replies.


OK jokes aside. Asus replied.


Hello X3


Thank you for your response.

This email is regarding your issue . As I already said, the issue was escalated to our next level of support. 

I have received response from my next level of support.

We can recreate this issue, we are going to work on it and find a solution. Thanks for the follow up.

Please make note of your case number for future reference: =N170330857

Karthik C.
ASUS Technical Support


So we are getting somewhere on this annoying issue with Asus, lets see what is done and how long it takes to filter down their product line.


not that it matters to anyone clearly but the issue will be solved properly at least.

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Thanks for your efforts on this matter! I will share this thread with the Business Unit so that they are aware of these findings.


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