CM 690 iii top 200mm fan

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Justin    0

This thermaltake 200mm aftermarket top fan i bought does not come with the long screws needed to fit.


Not only that but there are none of the 4 long  screw fans  that came with the coolermaster CM 690 iii case either. 


Also , there are no threads in the 4 mounting points of the case  to attach the 200mm fan ! 


I'm imagining i need a clip with a thread in it that snaps over the hole . 


Anybody know where i buy these clips a fan screws ? 






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Hi, I think there are variety of ways to can attach the fan to the case, I usually tap the mounting holes of the fan to use 5mm nylon screws, but in this case may be you can use M4 nut and M4 screws, inserting the screws from outside or from inside if there is no space for the head of the screws from outside the case, another way is choose sort of elastic silicon clips which dont require any screws or nuts, is up to you to choose


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