MasterFan Pro 140 Air Flow Profile Switch

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Nibi    0

I have recently bought two MasterFan Pros and both are connected to my motherboard PWM headers.


As far as I can tell from CoolerMaster's specifications and marketing material, the profile switch on the back of the fans simply limits the max RPM the fans can go up to. It's probably meant to be used when the fans are connected to the power supply via molex.


So my question is, should I set the profile switch to performance mode and let the motherboard handle the RPM instead of manually limiting it with the switch? With PWM, under the same conditions (ambient temperature, CPU load... etc) wouldn't the RPM/noise be the same at all three profile switch settings?

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Sean Settle    0

I have several MasterFan Pros and I set them to the performance mode and just let the motherboard control them with PWM.  The three switch positions just controls the maximum current draw to the fan, which in turn limits the maximum RPM.  If you were to switch it to silent, the motherboards PWM controls could not exceed the upper limits dictated by the switch's setting.  The switch is mostly useful for when the fan is not powered by a if PWM connection, such as molex like you said.

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