[Finished] KAAL_GATI-Speed of Time Mastercase 5 mod

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590653efc8c12_KAALGATIPOSTER.Final.thumb.jpg.16aac2bc3fc7dd1389d7423a7cbca0cf.jpgKAAL_GATI- Speed Of Time

HI, I am Vinay Agrwal from India. I have a venture named Gamerz Nation where i build and mod PCs for clients. you can follow my work on my page or my facebook profile .

Gamerz Nation facebook page -

Vinay Agrawal Profile
This mod is based on Time Machine concept performed on Cooler Master MasterCase 5

KAAL- Time

GATI - Speed 

In this mod i wanted to create a Computer which looks like a time machine from the future. So i started with the black ,white an clear theme.

i also wanted to give it a different open mechanism where the user can see the whole motherboard and Gpu one he open the front panel.(Yes the Front panel ;))

lets do this !!

Starting with the Case i opened the case from all the sides including the back I/O port panel as it has to customised for a slant placement of the MB.







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List of components used in the build:



Cooler Master Mastercase 5

intel i7-7700k

Gigabyte AORUS  Z270x-Gaming 5

Hyper x 2400Mhz 16Gb (2 X 8Gb module )

Hyper x 240gb Fury SSD

Tweaked PC Custom Sleeved cables 




Cooler Master B600 600w power supply

Cooler Master Masterliquid lite 120




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Marking The cut



After a little filling this is ow it looks 


back panel cut 





Little support at the back and front and the  structure is standing 



Now measurements for the MB tray:




MB tray is fixed with pop-rivets and screws 









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Now the Front structure opening mechanism 

Fixed with door hinges and Pop-rivets IMG_0015.thumb.JPG.f1d14fe6c8efa11f95e7c40f40fb6ec5.JPGIMG_0017.thumb.JPG.a4e09249e01f141521a6ef6778b6949c.JPGIMG_0018.thumb.JPG.708864bf32ce80abf084ce9bd49e31fa.JPGIMG_0022.thumb.JPG.a3c6768312dc5d92198a645284d166a8.JPG

It is perfectly opening and closing 


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Now covering the PSU shroud with Acrylic sheets 

Measurements and execution 

First Demo with cardboard sheetsIMG_0027.thumb.JPG.6413af672baad0b80688ba59179fe491.JPGIMG_0029.thumb.JPG.b7e638c621896f502b5fb0b4f5afcc81.JPGIMG_0046.thumb.JPG.6e9f07a652b2bb6c740268c4e363afcc.JPG

checking for gaps 



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after cutting and fitting if the front panel


Wrapping with carbon Fiber vinyl 


completed Wrap


fitting the front panel 


Painting the case black again for any paint removal during all the cuttings and fittings 


Painting the shroud black before wraping it 



after wrapping and cutting of the Shroud fiitings are done for test 


Finished fittings and painting of the case IMG_0057.thumb.JPG.6f8f34b36a4c1499ec43b3c3b9ea84bf.JPGIMG_0059.thumb.JPG.9e43bb433713692ff3d6e28b6b5206f0.JPG



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Details and Small fittings for the future looks 

PCB lines on front and top panel 


after long and slow cutting we have one pcb line ready :[ 


repeating the process for times 

we get 


same process for the side panel 


Kaal_Gati is nearly complete 


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