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This is my build. It will be made out of wood, to be precise, Eurepean beech (common beech) wood. I chose this wood, since it is hard, dry, and, well, common, sice it is common beech, it is common. To start things of, I made a 3D model in solidworks. You can see some screenshots here.




There we go. I hope you know that the first pic is a final profuct - how I hope it will view, the second one is the front view, the third one is a side view and the last one is a top view, where you can see, that the motherboard will be turned by 90°. 

Okay, I was going to use Maple first, as seen below, but it would need too much processing.






Okay so I got my wood, the beech one, so let's do something. 1st I put some planks together, to form a side. 







I proceeded to glue the planks together and put the side in a press.







Well, that failed, since when after 3 hours I came back, I was left to see a bent side. 


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To delete to be continued...

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Okay, I bought the MasterFan Pro 120 Air Pressure, just so I can enter Case Mod.





Anyway, I got back to the saw, and trimmed off the ends, and it worked. you can see that below.







I did the same with another one down below.








To be continued...

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Allright, I sanded the plates a bit, but the machine needed new sanding paper, that's why there are stripes.






Next,I cut out 20mm x 15mm sticks, for looks and support for the glass. Yes, I did order the glass for the panes. Also, I sanded the plates and sticks to appropriate size.






Here is from where I started to where I came to (preview).

Some things still need to be done, like holes for expansion slots and motherboard.







To be continued...

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Well, from the last update, everything went downhill. Two plates bended, I lost a day of work because of that. Ignoring that, I went to buy the glass. It ended at 54EUR and I think it was preety soid. More on that later. 

So, when I came back, one of the plates was still bent. Lost another day. So came Thursday, and as quickly as I could, I went to work. But then the bended plate just got destroyed into peices while doing some work. None the less, I lost anotherday. And so comes Friday.

Everything was OK, we fixed the plate and got the glass. So we were finishing it all up, putting the glass panes on and it snaps. We implied too much pressure and broke the glass



Okay, I can still do good. But wait a second - my GPU doesn't fit in the exoansion slot, PSU brackets are too thick,PSU cables are too short.

That's why you can only see my build with no GPU (allthough it sucks)





Just to show you guys, this is how it would have looked, if it didn't fail.





Have a nice day!

-Danilo The Cloud


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