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This is my build. It will be made out of wood, to be precise, Eurepean beech (common beech) wood. I chose this wood, since it is hard, dry, and, well, common, sice it is common beech, it is common. To start things of, I made a 3D model in solidworks. You can see some screenshots here.




There we go. I hope you know that the first pic is a final profuct - how I hope it will view, the second one is the front view, the third one is a side view and the last one is a top view, where you can see, that the motherboard will be turned by 90°. 

Okay, I was going to use Maple first, as seen below, but it would need too much processing.






Okay so I got my wood, the beech one, so let's do something. 1st I put some planks together, to form a side. 







I proceeded to glue the planks together and put the side in a press.







Well, that failed, since when after 3 hours I came back, I was left to see a bent side. 

To be continued...



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