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OK so Ive now made it into the Cooler Master user base with the Masterliquid PRO 240 (new model sleeved hoses)


Initially I wanted the new model with sleeved hoses, not the old model with the corrugated hoses.The newer hoses are wider and liable to perform better, while also looking the part.


I purchased the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm Radiator, to replace a Corsair H100i V2 I originally bought (a few days ago) for an Asus TUF mark 1 + Intel i7-7700K - 32GB ram system I built.

The failure of Corsair is described here in my review here Useless service and support, stay away from Corsair anything ;) (preaching to the choir, I know)

The Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm Radiator, purchased and dispatched by Amazon arrived, it was the old model with the corrugated hoses, and I preferred the newer model, Amazon just said if it is not, send it back for refund, which is fair enough. But I went a different way with this, and contacted Cooler Master via Live Chat over here via FANZONE).

Cooler Master representatives are the most friendly and helpful Ive come across from any peripheral or PC equipment manufacturer and provide the best in class (in fact they are so fantastically great, they are in a league of their own). I explained I wanted the new model since it performs better than old model due to wider hoses and also look better, but the main issue was performance.


Cooler Master (Mr Ruud Jacobs) offered to replace the item for a new Model (and brand new item) for no extra charge, and so they did.

I received the older model from Amazon on Monday and on Wednesday same week, the replacement was delivered and they collected the older model at own expense via UPS.

It was assembled and working on the spot.

If that is not truly excellent service and support, I dont know what is.

Now for the actual product review.

This liquid cooler looks the part and is well built, the radiator is striking with the square fin design,the hoses are wide and have a nylon sleeve. The fact that it has hoses on either side of the pump is different, but it is also different that the fixtures pipe to pump aren't fixed, they have some movement which ultimately once assembled the pipes are under no stress whatsoever, this cant be said for the other competing liquid coolers Ive seen so far.

As I never assembled one of these Cooler Master's before, I took my time and it went OK, the key is to make sure you are putting the brackets onto the pump the right way around. Assembly was a piece of cake, no parts were missing, no odd gaps between back plate and PUMP and everything plugged into motherboard with no need for any extension cables. EXCELLENT. And its mostly tool-less assembly, but obviously you need to put that final tight in the nut with a tool anyway just in case.


Assembling the fans onto the radiator is done by sandwiching a vibration absorber rectangular shaped frame where the fans fit into, this works well and it well thought of, again no tools required until the very end final lock in nut.

The Asus TUF Mark 1, has a dedicated PUMP 4 pin header, and the Cooler Master's MasterLiquid Pro 240 PUMP, plugs into here.
The PUMP is designed to run at full speed which is around 9300 RPM +/- and it is silent, so silent in fact, I needed to hold one of the pipes gently to feel the liquid zooming inside.

The monitoring software also accuses the PUMP running at 9K + rpms so theres no doubt its running.

The CPU runs at 76 Celsius under 100% load and over-clocked to 4800MHZ and it runs at 25 Celsius on idle. Cant get fairer than this.
I used Artic Silver 5 as thermal paste and was very happy that I did not have to clean some pre applied gunk, like I had to in the Corsair before. :)

In conclusion, while there maybe better liquid coolers out there, the fact remains this works, simply does its job, is silent and doesnt cost a bundle, if you take into account the piece of mind, knowing that Cooler Master's are there for you, are fast, friendly and deal with any issues without any delays or fuss, this is a golden combination, no one should dispense with.
So if you bought your liquid cooled from a competitor and the service sucks, here is a company to goto next without delay.


All I have to say that the blue LED should be RGB  or plain white and able to be turned off, if like me you have a windowless case, the LEDs are useless anyway, but I can see many people that would need to go all blue color only, so in my case I would just turn it OFF.


In a couple of days Ill receive a internal 3.5" USB card reader, so when that is assembled Ill take a couple of pictures and post it here.


Cooler Master's you are the best, dont ever change this. Love you and love my Masterliquid Pro 240. Thanks guys.


Edit: The Pump RPM is read wrong apparently, it should be divided by 3

I would hope to see motherboard manufacturers fix this issue in UEFI bioses, so Cooler Master have you told these people about this issue?

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Added explanation about pump rpm
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xtian1    10

Thanks for your feedback on the product on the LED. Glad to hear you had a great experience with the cooler and we'll be waiting to see those pictures.

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Henry Li    0

Oh yea the led would be good for marketing but not much else. IMO case lighting should be white just like rgb fans shouldnt be static, but led strips are bad at white so its blue anyways:P.

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