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20170415_223552.thumb.jpg.780d21285173bd4b27693d45073b820d.jpgNothing like holidays eh? All extra free time apreciated :grin:. Well ,visor is in finally.

Did I mention that top part of the build supposed to be wearable? Yes sir indeed it is:


Taking care of the businesscamera720_1492376876123.thumb.jpg.bbe699222c94f71d0d63170491c20784.jpg

T'was simply too much to resistcamera720_1492376650622.thumb.jpg.3b0e5656c1a1fee656d811984e65a489.jpgcamera720_1492376650622.thumb.jpg.3b0e5656c1a1fee656d811984e65a489.jpg

B lazying on sunny afternooncamera720_1492378020678.thumb.jpg.444fc54b6c88efbdda3e6c282c5fbc2b.jpg

"Everybody is in show business"

Long live The Kinks !!!








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more pics

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I guess it is time to compose spec.list:

Mother board -Lenovo thinkcentre 775 socket

Cpu - Intel E8400 dual core

Ram - 4gb mushkin ddr2

storage -14 gb kingston usb stick

psu - 500 wat 

Intake fan CoolerMaster sickle flow 120 mm blue led

exhaust fan - 80 mm tackens

OS - Ubuntu 14.04 Lte -live usb- 32bit.20170416_173158.thumb.jpg.d822a655099d8f51b231d802a704c72e.jpg

allmost there ,just few touches left.


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"All You need is dynamite"

Well , in my case t'was idea but same diference. King Mob is ready and it was quite adventure but modding is not exactly about every day routine , is it ? 8)


it fits on decent speakers and huge plant pots alike20170417_172638.thumb.jpg.3a5efa50ec3ab3466999625e203d715d.jpgThats how it looks fully asembled20170417_172459.thumb.jpg.5b4b96e753d6b2711f7fe526a455cacd.jpg

Good game everybody and good luck !20170417_172547.thumb.jpg.9a30629220eff7aa6a9b379137e9a798.jpg

It's good to be King .






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