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We are a team of two guys from South Africa trying this for the first time. We have a wide range of ideas and putting them to use. For now we are limited on what to use. But we are making the best of what we have.



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Step by step we are getting closer. With oir mod looking better and better as we step closer to the end. Still alot to do. We still need to add mountings for the motherboard and all the rest. A few comppnents will be hiddin with enough airflow added. Then we wil get to adding the components. But first, some colour would do the trick. And finishing off the whole mod. 





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So we are all getting closer to the end and we are rushing to get it finished. We had a bit of a delay. But managed to continue. So far we had to take everything apart after we have fitted the parts together. Sad story. But we are pleased to see the results. Its been a tight period for us only having so mich free time on our hands. But we have finally come to the closing part. Not completly there yet. But close. So close. 





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