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I'd like to discuss the HAF 915F & HAF 915R - I've looked at the manual, it's always difficult working out the differences between all the cases as these two are very similar.  From what I can tell 915 F the PSU goes into the front and on the 915 R the PSU goes into the rear.  It seems there is a number of uses for these cases - I'm posting this thread regarding water cooling and the installation of 360 mm radiators which as far as the manual suggests these cases can house 2 x 360 mm radiators - It is also possible to house 6 x 120 mm fans so presumably 3 x 120 mm fans can go onto each of the 360 mm radiators - Is this correct?


Would it be possible to stack HAF 915R or 915F on top of a HAF X? - Or is this not meant to be?


Is it possible to use just one 915 unit with 2 x 360 mm radiator? - Manual online mentioned "stackable mode" - I would envisage using a tower for the computer part and a 915 for the 360 mm radiator part for liquid cooling with a reservoir in the drive bays on the tower all connected with the necessary tubing.


Is it possible to use either 915 unit R or F with 2 x 360 mm radiators on their own in conjunction with tower?


I'm a little confused why there is a 915R & 915F - But I'm sure someone can mention this - 


I'm looking into the possibilities of water cooling a system and seek the best options so a discussion is in order and as much information as possible- thank you.

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