Full Liquid Cooling HAF X

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I've got Cooler Master Nepton 140 XL and V8 V2 air cooler - But this thread is to ask about the possibility of a full liquid cooling setup in a Cooler Master HAF X case.  What are the capabilities of the HAF X case regarding full liquid cooling? - I know it's a lot of hassle but I will build one for a volcano of a CPU AMD 9590.


Generally I'd be needing a water block for the CPU - I don't see any problems here, then a pump/reservoir either a combo or seperate pump / reservoir - I don't see too much of a problem here fitting this into the HAF X case although care would need to be taken of SATA data cables etc....


Then there is the radiator / fans and I'd be provisionally looking at a 240mm / 280mm / 360mm.  There are bigger radiators as well - Is there room at the top of the case to fit a 360mm radiator or bigger?


HAF X comes out of the box with 1 x 200mm x 30mm [depth] fan at the top of the case and there is room for a second fan - The depth of the case is over 500 mm deep which seems generous with a depth of 30mm which means it may be possible to fit a radiator 25mm deep but then there is the depth of the fans.


Maybe there are members here who have done this already and can speak about a full liquid cooling setup.


Closed loop coolers are easier to deal with I agree and I'll be building one of those at some point but this thread is to ask about full liquid cooling with HAF X and to discuss the possibilities, thanks

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Maybe a 240 or 280 mm radiator could be better in HAF X - I've found some reservoir / pump combo's that fit into a 5.25" drive bay and there are six front drive bays on HAF X with 2 hot swap-able so plenty room.

It's higher up the case where it gets a little more complicated but there is plenty of room - 360 mm may fit  but the case may need modding slightly for fixture points but 240 mm liquid cooling radiators and fans may just fit in to how Cooler Master originally designed it.


Anyhow some good feedback is needed that will assist me in getting this a lot clearer  

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