Tom Desi

Storm Trooper - Can only turn 1 drive cage.

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Tom Desi    0

I wanted to share my unpleasant experience with this case which otherwise is an excellent case: great build quality, good looks, good documentation but there is a big design issue. This case is sold as a turnable drive cage solution. It comes with the drive cages turned sideways and the manual shows how to turn them. Well, you can turn one of the 2 cages around but not the other because there is a BIG non-removable support bar in the way. I have attached a pic to show the situation.


I feel that I have wasted my time and money on a very badly designed case as I can only have 3 HDD in this case and I don't like stacking drives one on top of the other so it's a real bust.

Not only will I never buy another CM case but I will tell everyone I know never to buy another CM case. Your nVidia HAF case had no front Audio connector and all of the front panel USB ports were upside down.


I would have thought that a company with your good name would be a bit more careful with your QA...


I guess not. I am an unhappy customer.


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 I have the same problem with my case. started to turn the bottom drive cage and  side wall would not fit due to round support same as the pic above. is there an ez work around for fixing this ?

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John Lewis    0

Unscrew the round support. I have a 4 cage caddy ont top and the bottom cage has been rotated so fan points out front instead of back

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