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"some say the view is crazy , but you might adopt another point of view"-David Bowie -Black Country Rock

Hi there . My wife , hard core Bowie fan asked me politely to make her Bowie themed pc case ,well i'm a fan too so no problem there. I was inspired by the cover of Earthling album featuring Bowie in Union jacket . Actually the pose He is in defined shape of the case ,sharp angled triangle .I've decided to use black plexi and add a white cut out of Bowie figure on side panel.









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Some essential details regarding build:

front ,back and bottom panels -8mm thick ,17cm wide and 60cm long

side panels are 5mm thick ,52cm by 60cm by 60cm.

Hardware : AMD A10 Cpu ,stock cooler

Cooler Master 500w Psu

1tb seagate hdd

8gb ddr3 corsair ram

12cm intake fan with blue leds.

MSI A78M-E35

Pc is used for browsing and social media only so no bells and whistles required ha ha.

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forgot to mention mother board

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Made some progress ,especially in front and back panel area. All cut outs are ready :grin:.


Decided to move front panel IO ports to back panel .20170217_192402.thumb.jpg.0ba662bbbe94fb6e026310bb451c0457.jpg

This shiny baby is going to support Psu.

Thats it for now but weekend is upon us , so im planning to do some serious asemblying.


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Thanks man ,me too 8) but seriously t's been busy weekend .Way too much coffee , it might've replaced blood in my veins already heh heh. Hit few snags on the way ,well , cast plexi is capricious material, fortunatelly all i've lost was time.Well , it's all part of a process and experience is priceless.But enough about me lets have look at Slick:20170219_195447.thumb.jpg.fd1c558d952d62f9ffb8b8850195ada4.jpg


Sorry aboot pics quallity but after peeling protective film damn thing is like a mirror .Gonna try to make some more pics in day time.Byo.




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All right, starting to connect the dots.20170221_223446.thumb.jpg.7f96412606933b9d00cb79c0a286c90b.jpg

Decided to use silicon from inside all around.20170222_000450.thumb.jpg.7b58c3a53086b65680dcb8723fffc69a.jpg

And some tiny screws along the edges.20170221_223431.thumb.jpg.1ad7155085b9ac528873a41dfb818961.jpgmesh is installed as well20170220_201414.thumb.jpg.cdbfc32e43b8b84be527d2518c3a3265.jpg

Frets i've put on front panel were made out of welding wire , filed down and glued in tiny trenches .For fret markers i've used hard POM plastic, one above mesh works as a power switch. I'm pleased with the way power on switch worked out ,its not too obvious and moves smoothly back and forth.

Trying to keep protective film on as long as possible.Gonna try to burn some midnight oil tonight and push project forward .

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First boot before final touches .20170225_071336.thumb.jpg.7a1049f6f81d20d1e0bfd43e6bdd177d.jpg


20170225_071336.thumb.jpg.7a1049f6f81d20d1e0bfd43e6bdd177d.jpgLooks like sleepless nights paid off ,

managed to install easy slide on/snap on system for side panel consisting of 

plexi plates in the corners of build end metal hook thingies on panel ,and Psu ,mother board ,io port was a breeze after that.



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" Oooooh wham bam thank You M'am "

Well, Slick is finished and i'm quite happy how he looks ,so is my wife which is grand ,especially that we were celebrating our 27- th anniversary last friday :grin: . Last touches that took place last night were mostly cosmetick, added foam and silicon around psu and back IO plate , finally peeled protective film from plexi and wipe it cleen .Ta Daaa!

Here come latest pictures of Slick in all its slickiness:


Now i can finally go to sleep.






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