a fancontroller for nepton 280l

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I'm using it for two years and yesterday he made his third victim, Fan Pin nr. 4. (before Cpu Opt and Fan Pin nr.1).
 I have 2 fans 140mm 4 pin + 1 pump 4 pin + 3 generic fans 3 pin... but only four pin  still alive on motherboard.

so now i'm looking for a fancontroller,  i need at least something with 4 channels  with 4 pins per channel (i can connect/handle the fans whith 3 pins on my motherboard ).

Which one is the most effective and efficient for my nepton 280l?


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yes, but  my fan pins are dying one by one, i need a permanent solution, a fancontroller fully compatible with nepton 280l is the ideal i think, and the fans make too much noise i would like to control them

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