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Cosmos Cooling sadness

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Before buying a shiny  new Cosmos II case for my new build I took the trouble to phone coolermaster netherlands and ask specifically if the new MasterLiquid Pro 240 cooler would mount into the top of the Cosmos II case, and was reassured it would.


Unless I'm unaware of a special  fitting kit for this case or suchforth I cannot see how the MasterLiquid Pro 240 can be fitted to the Cosmos II case.


Anyone able to help out with answers or info ? :)

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Jef Green    0

From coolermaster facebook support


" Sorry about that. The representative got it wrong. Please contact our support team. They can help fix this.
1) Go to this URL:
2) Log into your CM Fanzone account
3) Click "Support Ticket"
4) Click "Create New Ticket".


Well gosh I'd never have thought of submitting a support ticket!!!


great kit... crap customer service ;)

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