CM V8 GTS & AMD FX9590

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V8 GTS - is capable of handling loads of up to 250 watts TDP - This sounds amazing - But I'm going to do a build with the "crazy" AMD AM3+ socket FX9590 CPU which has a TDP rating of 220 Watts.


As this comes factory overclocked as it is out of the box it is doubtful I will even attempt to overclock this as it seems it is very difficult to run this CPU and keep temperatures in check if what I've read online is correct.


I would expect to be able to run the CPU at stock frequency and use the capability of the CPU whilst still keeping temperatures respectable - The motherboard Asus Saberooth 990 FX R3 is rated at over 200 watts TDP but the question will remain will the stock frequency of the 9590 exceed the 250 watts TDP of the V8 GTS when it is pushed a little harder at stock frequency and NOT OVERCLOCKED.


This query is as much about the 9590 as it is about the V8 cooler but some folks here may have used one as well.


I do have Intel CPU's as well so please don't say don't bother with the 9590 as I know Intel are superior but this is about attempting to run the 9590 with V8 cooler at higher stock loads - What are your views on this it'll be interesting to know:grin:

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