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Hello, friends!

I have very simple computer desk, with keyboard rack. And that table is realy unremarkable.

So, I want transform that dreary table to good looking PC-case. In start I shold say, that my project is realy cheap.



It's the approximate 3D model of all components, wich will be installed on keyboard rack (with front panel)

NX 10 - Базовый модуль - [сборка.prt].jpg


In the first, I need some special stuff, like open showcase for PC, raiser for graphics card and remote On\Off  button.




Next stage: mark the placement of components on keyboard rack, and power supply and chassis fix on.



And that is my future PC (including Intel i7-6700 OEM CPU)



Keyboard rack was some dropped for accommodating all PC components



I also did frame for graphics card from the same chassis and fix it on keyboard rack. Also there is remote buttom cable



Now I need to hide raiser and power supply cables. For that big deal I'll use wood looking cable-channel



Trying to build the PC. Well, all is good on that stage (on CPU cooler was installed custom fan with blue LED).



LED in graphics card doesn't look like I want, I need redesign it. But PC is working, it's good! Raiser was damage, so I need doing some stop on that stage. After receiving a new raiser all works will continued. On next stage I'll make the illumination of the central zone, replace the wood worktop to the glass one, and make wood front panel for PC.



Sorry for picture quality, on the next stage it will be much better

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In waiting for new raiser I decided to make LED illumination of my sistem. It was maked in two parts of cable-channel, which was installed on the edges of metal panel (circled on red)





So, let's try start it with custom CPU fan



I like it. Camera some distors the color, in reality it looks like this



So, the worktop replacement is waiting for me in the next. And I'm waiting for new raiser still. It's so difficultly, to find some good modding stuff in russian backwoods!

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Hi Rvgen,

We've two different categories, and from your worklog this should belong to Scratch Build category.

Could you please move your worklog entry to "Scratch Build" category?

Also there is rules for Scratch build. You may refer to Under "Details".

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I ordered the glass worktop in specialized firm today, but the base of my table should be modified before the installation this.

In first, I need to stick the facing ribbon to the ends of the sidewalls.



I'll use improvised means for that :)



In process...




Also, I need make the cut for cables in back wall of the table. I have hand tools only, so cutting quality conforms. Small defects will be painted.IMG_7198.JPG


Ok, the base is almost ready.



I should to get the glass worktop tomorrow, in the ivning. After that I'll use old worktop for making the PC rack front panel and rear support for glass. 

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 My dark glass worktop is done! I have it already.



I want see how it looks on.


Good! I like it.



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Today I set glass worktop to base. Before that I did rear support for it. Old worktop served as material. There was many manual sawing and filing.



Support is done. I used simple confirmats for fixing support pannel into the table. 



Quality of manual sawing isn't good, some defects there are. May be I will order wood panels for my table in specialized firm in few month. Will see.



I have special fasteners for glass, so it's fixed glass on base.





Good. For complet happiness I just need to make front panel and get raiser. After that I'll fix some small things, and my project will be finished.



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4 hours ago, Bob Lindall said:

Cool!  Having built a desk around a computer myself, I can appreciate the project.  Nice design!

Thanks you, Bob! Your Krazy Case is realy cool project too.

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My good friend did for me that cool wood plank for front panel on his  furniture firm.IMG_7233.thumb.JPG.accf4e5ec4e0c76488f5eb660636ef78.JPG


I set it on PC with simple steel angles.

IMG_7234.thumb.JPG.c944ac4d80a909cd2b80d8f90f3df11b.JPG IMG_7236.thumb.JPG.e8657459101dba7a608856176415bd7f.JPG

There is slit, so the angles should be corrected.


It's not end! I have some stuff, which will be installed on front panel: system control unit, two 80 mm fans and USB 3.0 hub.IMG_7237.thumb.JPG.44dd2a6adf39e24ece2a8034550ac7b0.JPG


I am in the process of making holes for that.


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