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will the hyper 212 Evo get a AMD Ryzen backplate update

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Sunday Morning    177

Hi Banker ,


Welcome to CM forum .


I dont how to answer your question but i believe soon or later CM will launched the upgrade tool kit for AM4

And i think would be better if you just contact CM customer services, maybe they have news regarding as you mention above .

Here is New from Cooler Master : 2017.01.19 Cooler Master’s CPU Cooling, Power Supplies Synced with Kaby Lake and Ryzen



Hope this can help


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xtian1    13
25 minutes ago, banker games said:

hi i'm wonder since Ryzen is coming around the corner if CoolerMaster is giving out to those who own the hyper 212 evo already a new backplate for Ryzen



Hyper 212 EVO will receive the backplate. Please refer to this post which talks about compatibility.




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