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Ahmet Balik

212X with MSI p67a-gd65

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Sunday Morning    177

Asalamualaikum Ahmet ,


Welcome to CM forum .

Can we know what kind RAMs you have ? if possible can you drop your specs detail + picture ?

Below is picture for your reference 

1, If you just have 2 stick rams meant you will save .

2, If you had 4 stick rams and all is low profile i believe you can survive .

3, If you change the fan direction you also save for example put the fan on the back .





If you're really concerned, I would recommend contacting support services and seeing what they say about it-- they should be able to tell you more definitively. you can contact at here :

Hope this can help .

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Ahmet Balik    0

aleichem shalom,

I forget to say that vital info, didnt i?


But my rams are the lowest profile that it can get. From the era that heat dissipiders wasnt a thing. So what i saw from your referance pictures im perfectly fine as base ram height wont reach the cooler by a big margin.


Thank you very much, have a nice day!


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