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HAF XP EVO suggestions & default stockfans problem

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u-man    0

I recently acquired a Cooler Master HAF XP EVO, while i am overall satisfied with the case, i must say that there are some really stupid things, i really dont like.


The stock-fans are not direction labeled, so you dont know the direction of the airflow (a mention in the manual, :) even a sticker would be enough). It gets really bad if you need to change the direction of the airflow, because the screws on the fans are so absolutely shitty tightened, that you barely can screw them out or in. I needed to change the airflow, because i want to use a 280mm radiator in a push-pull configuration. The screw threads on the fans are so cheap and of low quality, that i was not able to screw them back and tight by hand with a screwdriver. I really cannot understand, why Coolermaster could not spend some better screws and threads for the stockfans. In general there should be knurled screws wherever possible, also better screws and threads in any other scenario. This is what a user wants, especially for a case like this, that claims to be also a test-bench. I have no problems to spend a few bucks more, for a way more convenient swapping.


I am very disappointed about this circumstance, as i like the case otherwise.


While i am on it, there are a few other things, that need attention. The hot-swap dock is nice, but the case (frontside) shouldnt seperate the two slots, it would be way better if the front would look the same on both sides (to the left and right) with a possible option to swap the whole dock to the left (where cooling is much better possible) and the 5"25 bays to the right. This would not also look much nicer, it would make a option available to use larger PSU´s, so you can put 1000W PSU´s in  .

The 5"25 bays also need more holes on the sides, just in case you want to use them for frontpanel-bays, displays etc. They are only optimized for optical drives.


Thats it so far.


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