Devastator II Volume Control keys broken! (permanently activated after one press)

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I have a Devastator II keyboard/mouse combo plugged into USB 3 ports on a windows 10 PC.


When controlling volume directly through windows (clicking on teh volume bar), volume adjusts fine.


But when I try to use the keyboard volume keys, pressing either 'Up' or 'Down' just once seems to trigger a constant 'key is pressed' signal to the computer, because the volume bar is driven up to 100 or down to mute, and stays there. If I try to change the volume through windows, the volume is just driven up or down again, as if someone were holding the key I pressed. 


I've tried the following:


- Unplugging / rebooting

- Uninstalling/reinstalling generic drivers

- Using SharpKeys to disable the volume keys (no effect, keys weren't disabled)

- Using KeyTweak to disable the volume keys (no effect, volume keys were not even recognized when pressed)


The only solution I've found is to unplug the keyboard or restart the computer, and then just avoid touching the volume keys. But if it's accidentally pressed, then I've got to unplug/restart all over again.

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I've got pretty much the same issue over here.

Mainly purchased the combo because of the price and it's keyboard has a backlight option.

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