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Brad Hilton

Can it cool the fx 9590?

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Brad Hilton    0

Just wondering...can it cool the fx 9590, and if well does it cool the 9590. Also, how does it compare to noctua's nh d15 in terms of cooling performance? If anyone could shed some light on these two questions, that would be great.


Bare in mind that I dont plan on overclocking the 9590 (Mainly because its a overclocked 8350 from what I have heard)


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Sunday Morning    174

Hi Brad ,


I checked the Maker air 8 as below :

Long hours of gaming or overclocking requires an air cooler that can handle your CPU's Thermal Design Power (TDP), and meet the increase in power consumption. The MasterAir Maker 8 gives you peace of mind with a high 250W TDP, helping to protect your system from becoming unstable or shutting down during intensive gaming and overclocking. Your FX 9590 is 220w and i think is Yes, it can cool it your FX 9590, The 250W cooling power vs 220W of TDP of that CPU


You can submit the ticket to get best solution 


Hope this can help .



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