Great Case for a H2O loop Cooler

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This case has allowed me to put together a wonderful machine. The Bracket to mount a Closed Loop H2O cooler up top is a builders dream.
No looking up trying to fit screws and hold everything steady, plus the extra room you get by basically putting the Radiator ABOVE the case gets you some added room.
On a Prior build I actually had to use special (see crappy, bad) thinner fans to clear my memory strips. With this build and a similar Motherboard no problem, tons of clearance, I guess you gain over an inch.

This case allowed me to mount full size fans below the Radiator sucking cool air in, 2 fans in front also sucking in and only one back fan sucking out making a positive pressure case so no dust and stuff gets pulled in to the case, all vents are venting out.

I did add a finer filter to the top of the radiator and another one to the front that covers all intake fans perfectly. The "built in filters" are OK but no dust is great...

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Sorry, been really busy this month, but better late then never so here are the pictures, nothing fancy black, black and more black...
As you can see in the "filters" pick the AIO water cooler Rad sticks out the top, which leaves (see pic "insides") lots and lots of top room so the memory slots are not obstructed at all...


fan filters.jpg



side glass.jpg

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