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MasterCase 5 - Feedback, Suggestions & Improvements Thread

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Hey! Love the concept of this case!


1: For someone like me who does not hide the PC in a corner, but have it out in the open, i would like to see some sort of nice cover on the back of the PC, that can cover all the cables etc. Like the one Silverstone has on their "Mammoth MM01" Case.

2. Also, i assume bottom, front and top already have easy to remove dust filters. If possible, optional "even thicker/better" dust filters.


Gonna build my new PC in september, this is looking to be the perfect case for me. :D

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madpanda550    0



I was wondering if you could make a panel that fits into the same slots as the front HDD brackets/5.25" bays when they're removed so that you can't see through into the cable tidy areas

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Dexter Ang    0
Posted (edited)

Hi Cooler Master,


      I wondering if your designer could design the front air filter mesh panel that could reduce in size as more 5.25" drive is added. Reason to able me to make Master Case Marker 5 into a hot-swappable NAS drive with the help of Icy Dock.




ICY DOCK FlexCage MB975SP-B R1 Tray-less 5x3.5" HDD in 3x5.25" Bay SATA Hot Swap Rack / Cage / Module


ICY DOCK FlexCage MB973SP-1B Tray-less 3x3.5" HDD in 2x5.25" Bay SAS / SATA Hot Swap Rack / Cage / Module


Quad Bay 2.5" SAS/SATA HDD/SSD Docking for External 5.25" Bay


5.25 MASTERBOX CAGE (SKU: 621050440-GP)


MASTERBOX 5 FRONT MESH 5,25" (SKU: 621047930-GP)




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