MasterMouse S - Feedback, Suggestions & Improvements Thread

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xtian1    14

Hello MasterMouse S Owners,


We want to hear everything you like and don't like about this product along with any suggestions or Improvements.




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I really like the shape of this mouse. It's really a golden choice when you want a top-tier performance without paying loads of money.


However, there is this one thing that annoys me (except the cable since I got the mouse early).


It doesn't concern only the S model, Pro L is also affected.


The feet and weight problem. The additional weight is inside the shell and you need to remove the feet to get inside. This is a problem, because there's no feasible way to make the feet remain unscathed unless you use a heatgun or something (which most likely would do some internal damage and perhaps shorten the lifespan). It wouldn't be so bad if only there was a spare set of feet included with every mouse, but there is none and you can't even purchase them! CM Store is empty, third-party manufacturers are yet to introduce theirs. So even if I want to get rid of the weight I can't do it without losing some of the gliding performance.


Suggestions for improvement - easier access to the weights or at least a spare set of feet. (I guess you only need the rear ones to disassemble) Slightly higher price tag shouldn't change much as this mouse is a potential legend among smaller mice for its winning shape, it just needs some polishing.

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Ryan Moody    0



  • The 3330 isn't bad, but why not use the best? (3360)
  • The Left and right buttons need to be separate from the shell.
  • Remove the absurd weight altogether. Don't make it removable, don't give us extra feet, it just shouldn't be there.
    • I'm convinced this is to make it feel more "sturdy", but it's adding insult to injury. Keep the mouse light and use better materials.
  • Fix the bottom of the mouse so it doesn't scratch against the mouse pad when held at slight angles.
  • Mouse feet feel like scotch tape.
  • Use a more flexible cable (don't braid it)
  • Use higher quality plastics! Soft touch materials would be nice on the sides.
  • Use quality omron switches all around!
    • This is particularly upsetting. The shape of the thumb buttons are awkward. The buttons themselves come to an edge right where you touch it, which makes them very uncomfortable. They also feel extremely cheap and hollow. A lot of work needs to be done here. The travel is fine, but it needs to be crisp.
    • The left and right clicks feel simultaneously spongy and crunchy. It's not a crisp click like you get on other mice. Thankfully, it's easy to jitter click with these buttons.
    • The scroll feels... okay. It has more resistance that I was expecting, but the indentations are a little vague. The middle click is firm and kind of blah. Sometimes it feels like it gets stuck between the indentations and falls to one side or the other.


Summary: The shape of this mouse is a hair thinner than I generally like, but it's actually pretty good. I have an easy time aiming with it, and it doesn't take long to get used to. Unfortunately, cost savings are holding this mouse back. With higher quality materials, switches, and build quality all around, this could be a very good mouse. I would be happy to pay more for a higher quality version of this. It's not bad at its current price, but this shape is just begging for a premium touch.


UPDATE! I bought the mouse and now have first hand experience, so I've updated my recommendations.

Edited by Ryan Moody
I bought the mouse and have first hand experience.

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oni    0

please remove the 11g weight from inside this mouse. 80g would have been much better! a top sensor too would be nice...


I'm about to buy an mk730 and I'd <3 a CM mouse to go with it, but since the mastermouse s is the only small mouse you do, and since I don't want to a buy a mouse only to take it apart to remove the weight, looks like this isn't an option now.

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