MasterKeys Pro S - Feedback, Suggestions & Improvements Thread

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CM Bram    37

It is because of production and layouts. We simply cannot commit to offer for all layout all the available switches so choices had/have to be made.. 

cmstore.eu carries more switches and more layouts usually, but for the MasterKeys series (PBT) mostly ANSI though

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Eric    0



How do I turn up the brightness when selecting a single color?  I can barely see them.  



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Alex    0

Hi @team!

I bought the masterkeys pro S with RGB and Mx red switches.

I'm typing with, pretty glad and fancy about it!


Quick troubleshooting

question : How to update masterkeys pro s' firmware ?

problem : I can't update the firmware TT

cause : the software doesn't acknowledge the fact that my keyboard is plugged (lol I'm typing with it right now!!)

environment : keyboard plugged into ASUS motherboard (maximus viii with Keybot II soft processing) + mouse Razer Naga + all CM facilities had been donwload this very day.

expected behavior : either to update the firmware on-the-fly or through the software detecting my keyboard.

note : the masterkeys pro s is a peripheral. Neither CM com/marketing, nor technical documentation adress compatibilty issues.


Thank you for reading those lines,

please acknowledge the fact that english is not my nativ language.






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muddtt    0

Could you please allow your effects to stack on top of a static color. I love using the ripple or single key effects, but then in a dark room i can't see the keys anymore cause all the keys are off.  Thanks!

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fender foo    0

More Options in the CoolerMaster Software, the Keyboard Shortcuts are nice, that requires familiarity which many new users might not understand, the software its self is too barebones and doesn't tap into any of the better functions of the keyboard, I've seen the youtube videos but even then they aren't very long and don't go too much detail. Options to set macros, repeat rates and other advertised functions natively in the software would go along the way for ease of use. I had a problem, where when I press the 'W' key my character would not sprint, instead walks in stop starts and only found a solution on another forum and youtube channel's comments, funnily about a master key keyboard.
nice RGB is cool but if the rest of the product is not as nice whats the point. I was planning to go back to an old keyboard had the issue persisted.

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kor    0

This seems like the perfect keyboard for me, except that it doesn't have low-profile keys. I've small fingers so using full-height keys is a bit hard for me.


If this would be released using low-profile brown switches (there isn't much competition on brown swtiches), I would get the keyboard immediately :)


I know that there are other low-profile keyboards from CoolerMaster, but they are too flat. Just this keyboard with low-profile keyscaps would be perfect!

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