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MasterKeys Pro L - Feedback, Suggestions & Improvements Thread

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do you guys @coolermaster plan to make a wireless gaming keyboard... There are none on the market atm and gamers who care about nice,clean looking desk setups would be all over it. 
pls make it, ill be desperately waiting for this to be a thing

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Alessandro    1

Dear folks at Cooler Master,


my friends just gifted me with a much appreciated Masterkeys Pro L white led.

Very nice present and a great build and feeling - however I have some issues.

Ever since plugging it in 3 days ago, I started experiencing cold boot problems inasmuch the PC turns on, I see a first Windows 10 loading screen but then the monitor goes black and nothing happens. I have to reset my PC to have a successful boot - very annoying since the only thing I did was to plug the keyboard (supposedly the easiest update possible!).

I've already updated the firmware to 1.08, tried all the Legacy USB options in the BIOS as well as enabling/disablig/havign to enable again the EHCI option to no avail.

Any suggestion? I'd hate to have to send it back, but clearly there must be something wrong!

Thank you very much



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