Backlight flicker masterkeys pro

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I am new to this community and I don't know if this is correct place to ask.

My Masterkeys pro M (white leds) kb backlight flicker. Frequency is 150Hz to be precise. This is damn too low.


Measured with oscilloscope and light sensitive diode.


MAX backlight:



MID backlight:



MIN backlight:




From this review is evident, there is one 16 channel PWM driver to handle all keys backlight. The only way to achieve it is by multiplexing it between different groups of LEDs. When LED is off, other groups are served. So main PWM is running around 4kHz, but multiplexing on 150Hz.


I understand this limitation, but multiplexing is not necessary when whole kb is backlit with same intensity.

I would be really grateful if CM can modify FW to not mux in "all keys backlit" mode.

Faster muxing would fix it too, but IDK if PWM driver can handle such quick changes.


There is HW mod way too, but when FW can fix it.... FW mod like spite did would be possible too, but I believe CM can handle this.

Any ideas? Opinions?





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