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Real Power 450W won Metku Mod Editor's Choice

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Once more it has been a priviledge to be able to review something so well constructed and well thought. Cooler Master seems to have a great track record when it comes to adding new innovations to their products. Yes, it is still only a power supply but this one made a good impression of itself. While the power consumption meter wasn't my absolute favorite I believe that for some it will offer usefull information about the status of their systems.

Water cooling is gaining ground these days but it will take time before we start seeing water cooled power supplies installed more than air cooled ones. There is also an option for passive cooling on PSUs but they usually have limited wattages and because of their construction they will not contribute to the general airflow inside the case. < 20 dBA is really quiet and there are many components inside the normal PC system that can keep more noise. That is why I feel that this PSU could be a perfect partner even for silent water cooling without adding too much noise to the overall system.

By including 24 to 20 pin converter with the unit, CM made sure that nobody is left outside. If you have an "old" motherboard with 20 pin power connector or if you are planning on getting that new 925x board to impress your friends, this PSU will be compatible. I'm not sure you care or not but this one will remain inside my computer system for sure.


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