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Chylvain    0

Hi all,

Happy new year,


Got a problem with my Masterkey pro S i bought 3 weeks ago.


When I choose a program with a lot of colors at the same time, I hear a sort of whistling in my ears (I am using CM Storm Resonar).

Exemple : if there is a wave from no color to full white color (like a heartbeat), when all the keyboard is white I can ear a whistle in my ears, then it stops when the color is OFF, and start again when the keyboard is full colors).


It's almost impossible to take a program with full colors...


Thank you for your help...


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Leebyn    4

I think you might be hearing the PWM sounds. Someone else made a similar thread as you here:

so it might be the design of the RGB LED colors being altered through PWM.

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kartana    5

I also have the high pitched noise, mostly with solid colors. Some do make more noise than others though.

Try a solid color like 220/220/220. That makes the most noise on my keyboard. I can hear it from 2 feet away :?


It seem like since they switched the forums here, support doesn't reply anymore....

It must be possible that some technician from CM can take the Masterkeys Pro Series keyboard, go into a quiet room, set the color to 220/220/220 and take is ear next to the F12 to see if there is a loud buzzing sound. If you set it to 220/220/220 you wouldn't even need to go that near since the buzzing is so loud that you hear it from a few feet away.


You basically can not use any colors above 120 unless it is 255 since there will always be a buzzing sound. Only full colors like 0/255/255 are quiet.


Please CM, we deserve and answer!


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