Masterliquid Pro 240 a lot of thump vibration issues. [Solved]

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Patricio    1

Hello everyone,

Computer spec:

Windows 7 pro
Western digital HD
Gtx 1060 6g
16 gigs ddr 4
i5-6600K 3.5 GHz
Gigabyte Z170-HD3 mobo
Corsair 750 D Obsidian series
Master Liquid cooling 240 Cooler Master
Seasonic Prime Titanium 750 w power supply

Temp Idle 19C
Underload 35C

Cooling pump: 9650 Rpm --- Connected to the CPU Fan --- Controlled by Mobo.
Cooling fan 1: 1260 rpm --- Connected to the System fan1 4 pins. Controlled by Mobo
Cooling fan 2: 1260 rpm --- Connected to the System fan2 4 pins. Controlled by Mobo

Yesterday I finished my custom build. After probably 15 minutes the entire case was vibrating and there was a humming sound coming from the top of the case where the fans of the master cooling are placed. The sound goes up then down, then up, then down. If you I put my hand at my desktop you can feel the rhythm. Also, when I placed my hand on the top back of the case and put some pressure the problem goes away. I took the cooling system down and I resembled again.

Someone suggested to replace the fans of the cooling system.

Someone suggested that the two 120 mm fans should be connected (as one) to the CPU fan and the pump to the system fan 1, 2, and 3 (4pins Mobo Controlled).

At this point I do not know what could be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.


Update 1:

After further inspection one of the screws that hold one of the fans against the radiator was damaged. Meaning, no matter how many times I tighten it up it will not lock in place. I replaced the screw with a bigger one to see if that solve this issue.

Update 2:

The problem is still there. However, the vibration is not as much. I will attempt to put some rubber washes at the top of the case between the screws and the case (from the outside). The original washers that came with the case were to big.

Update 3: So I installed rubber washers and I removed the four middle screws (from the top outside). This reduced the amount of vibration coming from the fans (case). Today I am going to replace the fans. When I stopped the fans the vibration was gone.

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Patricio    1
Ok, after days of troubleshooting I finally found the solution.

There were two problems causing this annoying vibration thump.
1.- Bad fans that came with the masterliquid pro 240.
2.- Both fans were plugged in into system fan 1 and 2 (4pins each) respectively.
To solve the issue:
I replaced both fans and I connected both fans into system fan 1. Now, the mobo controls both fans as one and they are synchronized. As it turns out, both fans must be synchronize in order to eliminate thump vibration. This vibration got worse because the fans were not stable as well.

If anyone is having this problem:

Replace both fans and connect both fans to system fan 1. Also, make sure the thump vibration is coming from the radiator where the fans are attached to and not the pump. If the problem is the pump then the unit is faulty.

On a side note:
If you replace the fans make sure they have the same airflow as the originals.
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Yes, thanks for sharing, but I would like to believe that there is another way to solve that issue.


Whats the point of having a motherboard with two CPU fans (like Asus TUF Mark 1) if need to use a splitter to solve that vibration issue?


Yes, Ive noticed that problem too,


I have these rubber washers that I will put between the radiator and the case and see if that will help, but I really hate to use a splitter.

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Sunday Morning    177

im using masterliquid 240 and run full speed . My setup as below :

Pump connector im throw it at system fan header 1

Fans connectors put it at CPU fan header ( since y splitter ) included , I'm using it and put it at CPU fans header. Result idle 26-28c load 40-50c , RPM 2500 -2700.

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OK I resolved my vibration issues, and I still have each fan running on its own PWM header, each has its own RPM but its varies very little one to the other.


My connection is PUMP to W_PUMP header running at 100% by default. The pump rpm is wrongly detected according to Cooler Masters its divided by 3, so its 3124 rpm +/- not 9374 rpm (please Cooler Masters have Asus notified of this issue, since this is detected in UEFI bios like that) how old is this issue now? lol


The left fan (radiator is ontop of case) connected to CPU fan header (the first port running at 1054 rpm

The right fan is connected to CPU_OPT header right next to the first header, running at 1013 rpm




The fans cpu fan header rpm variance does increase/decrease, but that means squat to the vibration issues I see, erm or rather saw...


My vibration issue was that the case a Thermatake F51 Supressor has a neat magnetic filter ontop and because the screws holding the Cooler Masters Masterliquid PRO 240 arent flush or lower than the magnetic portion, it raises the filter up in these screw areas and the filter areas that are not affected by screws sit lower in case, so the difference in height + increasing/decreasing CPU fan rpm makes the filter rattle/vibrate.


I could blame the screws but even if I replace the screws with low profile head (ideal solution) finding the right screws wont be simple for my circumstances so something other is required here.





The solution was simple, just make sure that the filter sits at the higher height flush with screws by adding some padding under designated areas of filter that doesnt affect airflow (easily done BTW)


I used some long thin straps of velcro (I cut off a roll for cable ties) soft side facing up put one either side and bingo vibration is gone., this was what I had on desk at that time, so didnt have to look far.



But for permanent fix Ill use self adhesive transparent bumpers dotted in strategic positions to counter this issue and Im confident the problem will be resolved properly.




There is no vibration or rattling from anywhere now and even at these rpms I consider this setup the most silent yet.


I hope this helps others investigate and fix their similar vibration issues as this post made me investigate and see where the problem was coming from and invent a solution.



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Richard    0

Had a Nepton 240 - very loud noise coming from the pump, so Kogan after 2 months offered a swap to this Master liquid pro.  One fan makes an arcing noise as if it is sparking inside, the other makes this loud pulsing noise, going up and down once a second.  Y connector is used.   I put my finger in middle of fan and stop it, noise stops with each fan!  Not at all impressed with Coolermaster AIO's!  Do love the Masterkeys keyboard, Sentinel 3 mouse, PSU etc though.


Will ask to swap both fans, but if no good, will go with a Be Quiet AIO to match my Be Quiet Silent Base 800 case - really excellent computer case.



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i had the same problem as you... with a brand new product masterliquid pro 240 both fans that comes with the product were defective and were doing a lot of vibration, i had to replace the fans and that fixed the problem.. but  now what? did you send the fans to coolermaster and they replace them to you? or you just leave them there? ahha

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