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Eugene Cherish

Master Pro 140 Won't spin when plugged into CPU_FAN pins

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As title says it won't spin when pluged into cpu fan header or any fan header on the mother board but if i use a molex adapter for the fan it works. Any idea why?


edit: other pwm fans spin right away when pluged into cpu fan header or other cha_fan headers so it is not the mother board. 

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Sunday Morning    177

Hi Eugene ,


Welcome to CM forum .

your case is solved ? you can try all header and which one is better or working for you .

if you still facing same problem i would like suggest you to contact CM support services at here :


Hope this can help 

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A couple of suggestions pop to mind, you could look at the bios and see if that CPU FAN Header you connect to is set to PWM an or in a lower setting in BIOS QFAN/Smart Fan Control control or whatever your motherboard manufacturer calls that function.


Aside from that, with the limited information you provided, its hard to guess anything else.


If not, make sure your running the latest motherboard bios and if issue persists, contact the motherboard manufacturer support.

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