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Quickfire TK - Multiple chars when "/" key is pressed

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uema    0

When I press the "/" alone it types "?", and when I press it while pressing the "Shift" key it types "?BCNVXZ|", and I don't remember recording any macro (I don't even know how).

I already have:

reinstalled the driver

switched usb port

tested on another computer

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Leebyn    4

Quickfire TK doesn't have macro functions so your thinking is correct.


It seems defective to me. The bottom row of keys seem like they're shorting, and that "?BCNVXZ|" is in alphabetical order which is what happens in NKRO mode when multiple key inputs happen at the same time.


Give it a clean if it's dirty/dusty, had liquid spill, etc; sometimes that could cause a short. If that doesn't help you probably have to RMA.

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