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Joao Silva

(Trigger Z) Make the macro to repeatedly hit a key?

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Joao Silva    0

I can't make the macro to repeatedly hit a key really fast. When I try to make the key hit the same key, like 10 times in 10ms, it just creates a single stroke for 10ms, not 10 in 10ms. I tried creating a custom macro manually, but when I save the macro, all of the different strokes becomes a single one for the total duration of the key strokes.


I tried with different keys and it works ok, this means it can hit 10 different keys in 10ms (and all of them had the start in 0ms and end in 10ms), just with the same key that it combines all of the key strokes together in one for the whole duration.

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Leebyn    4

I believe the 10 ms interval is a limitation of the keyboard controller / firmware for the Trigger/Trigger-Z. It reads multiple keys as a single input. So it won't repeat the same key faster than 10 ms apart even with the macro, and if you press 2 different keys within 10 ms, they will be input simultaneously.

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