Richard Chow

CM MasterKeys Pro L RGB LED Missing Color?

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One of the keys (F5 key) on the CM Masterkey Pro L RGB keyboard suddenly has a different color than it usually should.

I tried playing around with the settings in the software and resetting the keyboard but it still won't work properly. It seems to be missing the red color in the LED since I can change the blue and green settings and the key will change accordingly but anything with red is off color or red stays dark when only red is on. Is this a software problem or hardware and how can I fix it? 

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Jon    0

I have exactly the same issue. 


9 key on number pad has no light




page up

page down

and pause don't show blue - just light blue.


I've had the keyboard for only 6 months.

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Sunday Morning    174
3 hours ago, Bernardo Sulzbach said:

I got minus and numpad enter with no green. And these were supposed to be the keyboards with leds that do not suck.

Hi , please contact customer services , they will help you . :)


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