Sentinel III not responding and blinking oled after installing firmware

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slogra    0

At first the mouse was working fine, that was before installing any of the software.

However after installing the Sentinal III software and latest firmware (v1.18) problems started. The mouse does not respond at all anymore and the oled is blinking. Those symptoms started immediately after installing the firmware, so i guess the problem is probably caused by the firmware, not the other software.


Now i would like to try a different firmware. Where can i download older firmware versions (before v1.18).


B.t.w. i have aGigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 mobo.

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Dmitri74    0


I have the same issue. The Sentinel 3 mouse was working without problems before installing the portal application and updating the firmware.

After installing however the display keeps blinking and it stops working at random if at all.

I did use the macro function, this may be part of the issue.

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Lynt    0

I had the same issue. I used my old mouse to restart the computer. Unplugged the new mouse. Restarted the computer, and then plugged in the new mouse again, and then it worked fine.


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Uxot    0

I like how because i formatted this happens on sentinel 3 ..was working fine before format..

And cooler master support didn't reply here or didn't say the usual

"update USB drivers" or w/e b*llcrap

and my older mouses are sentinel 2...

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