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CM Storm Enforcer Front fan.

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Sheri    0

I've had the CM Storm Enforcer case for a few years now and have already had to remove the screen for the horrible noise it makes when it gets stuck on that big front fan.  Well, just a few minutes ago my who PC shut down, from what I assume is heat, because when I restarted, my front case fan was not on, but the rear fan was working as usual.

Is there any way I can take the front fan out and replace it or am I just going to have to put another fan on the top set up to make up for the fan not working in front?

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Sunday Morning    177

Hey Sheri

Welcome to CM forum 

You can check as below

if not in the listed ... i would like to suggest you to contact Cooler Master customer service.

Since the front cover is removal i think you can change or take out the fan and replace it with new one. 

cm enforcer.jpg

Hope this can help .


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