Liquid cooling HAF X

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Is it possible to use liquid cooling with the HAF X? - Sure the all-in-one systems will go in but how about the custom loops? - Is there room for a resevoir?

I will probably get an all in one system but I'd like to do a cutom loop as well as it's a great learning experience albeit a little stressful getting all the facts together of what actually is needed.

So far I understand that I'll need the following:

  • Motherboard monoblock to cool the motherboard and CPU from underneath the motherboard
  • CPU block to cool the CPU from above
  • GPU block to cool the graphics card
  • RAM block to cool the RAM

Maybe the GPU block could be dropped but I'm trying to compile a list that covers all aspects and if I decide to drop something off the list it will not be done.

But can the HAF X house a resevoir and where does it go?

I've built one computer and now on the second so am a beginner + a little bit but as far as liquid cooling goes I'm total beginner but I've found some intersting bits to put into a computer and then I can try to overclock at some point in the future.

If there are any case modders liquid cooled specialists on the forum please come forward and pass on some much needed information.



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