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I've got some HAF X cases for builds that have been done although I didn't build all the HAF X builds.  I have built one Haf X build with the nVidia Edition of the HAF X case.  Over the next year or two or three I'll be building some more computers and as I've built 3 HAF X cases in black I thought it would be nice if there were some other colours to choose from.

If Coolermaster could create some new colours it would be fantastic as either permanent models or limited runs.

Colours like orange, electric blue, yellow, Red would add nicely to the theme of gawdy awkward colours that the nVidia Edition is but I really like it!!!! - I really like the black as well but I've got enough black boxes when another is build another colour will be needed:grin: - Just an idea, maybe others would like it too!!!

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