which way should the 212 Evo fan blow

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BobW    0

I am building an Intel Z170-K 1151 system in a HAF 912 case with a Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler.



Should the fan blow towards the top exhaust vent or


The rear exhaust fan or  some other direction.


Looking for the best CPU cooling solution with the setup.

















































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Sunday Morning    177

Hey Man ,


Welcome to CM forum 


That makes sense, but every person's system i see that has a hyper 212, they have it blowing out the back but you can try other side or other direction ,which one is very useful for you with low temp .

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Hi BobW,

 I was going to ask the same question but from what I can see, it depends on your existing fan configuration. In mine, I have 2 fans in front blowing towards the back, an exhaust fan on the back blowing out and an exhaust fan on the top blowing out. Most of the wind current is going from front to back so I am going to direct the Hyper 212 cooler fan towards the back also. Whatever disruption the cpu cooler creates from the radiator being in the way can be diverted through the top exhaust. At least that's the way I see it with my setup. You may have something different going on but this is an option.

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