MasterKeys Pro S LED Problem (Coilwhine)

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MasterLion    0

Hi there!

If this is in the wrong place, please just remove it.

I recently bought a MasterKeys Pro S in used condition, and at first, everything was fine, until the Keyboard started to make loud whining noises, like this high frequenzy whining.
But it only occurs when one or more LEDs are set to 180-230 (in the Coolermaster software).
For example, a less intensive white (225, 225, 225) is whining like crazy, but a full white (255,255,255) is deadsilent.

Is this normal? Never owned an RGB Keyboard before, do these LEDs make that sound naturally? Or is it a failure on my Keyboard?

Hope someone who owns a Masterkeys Pro Keyboard can answer that, thank you!!

Best regards,

MasterLion :)

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Leebyn    4

IIRC the backlight LED levels are controlled by PWM (pulse width modulation) so as it cycles it can produce a high pitched sound. You could try to get a replacement, but I'm not sure if it happens with all the MasterKeys boards. Hope someone else with the same keyboard can chime in.

I experienced the same thing on my backlit keyboard (CM Storm Trigger) when I first got it, but I don't really notice it now (maybe I'm getting older and can't hear that frequency anymore? lol)

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nikojii    0

My Masterkeys Pro S has this also. Can't use anything with pulsing brightness, because the noise is loudest right before full brightness. The noise is around 7kHz on my keyboard.

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Maowhree    5

I'm currently using the 'Lightning' profile which can be found here and I can definitely hear a 'beep beep' when the keys light up, so yeah, the LEDs do emit kind of a high pitch sound as I believe they are controlled through PWM, as someone explained before. That said, it is way less audible and less bothersome than the sliiiiiiiiiight electrical noise coming from my way-too-expensive SeaSonic PSU and my monitor PSU and definitely less annoying than the springback noise letter 'D' makes.

Seriously, if you can hear such a sound coming from your keyboard, that means everything else on your desk is dead silent. Which means you're already pretty lucky if you ask me. I would suggest you not to worry too much about it as it is definitely not a fault of the keyboard nor a sign of malfunctioning. :)

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