Elite 130/140 Suggestions

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equilni    0

I am an owner of the Elite 130 and I was wondering if there was a refresh (140?) being planned.  If so, here is a small list of things I would like to see in an updated version.


a. A third PCI slot or room to allot for 2.5 slot GPUs, (or GPU & Kraken G10), fans to force air the to GPU like on the CPU side of the Elite 130, similar the Ncase M1 & Lian Li.  
Not my question, but:
My case with a 120x25mm side fan on the CPU side (no zip ties or bracket needed):
There is no room for a 120x15mm fan on the GPU side:
Lian Li PC-Q10
Lian Li PC-Q01
b. Allowance for the drive bay to be removed by screws instead of rivets....
c. More vents on the case
 - Vents for aftermarket GPUs to exhaust air:
Problem is like the EVGA 1070 pictured here, the heat goes up and down back into the case:
Even the AMD card CM has pictured would blow back in to the case:
LZ7 Case has a solution by making vents along the top area of the case to allow heat from the GPU to be exhausted.
And bottom:
 - More exhaust vents to allow for 2 - 120mm fans to be installed:
My system with 2 - 120mm x 25mm fan as an example.  One is on top of the SFX PSU:
Core 500 example
Also perhaps making the Elite taller to allow those with a SFX PSU and with removal of the drive bay, to install a 240 radiator  
d. (Minor request) Make all the vents consistent.  The sides have a grid, the top is an offset grid, the front is honeycomb...
e. (Minor request) Make the cover 3 separates panels instead of 1.

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xtian1    13


Hi! Thanks for your valuable feedback on this product. I just sent an email to the Business Unit with your input on the subject.

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