info about the spare parts compatibility between MasterPro5 & MasterPro3

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maxmax80    1

I am happy to announce that MCP3 will be my next workstation case mATX (2011 + Titan X)

I want to buy some accessories, but I have some questions:



1) is the "Top Cover Kit with Magnetic Grip" included in the MC P3 bundle, or I must buy the MC P5 apart (SKU MCA-0005-KTC01) assuming it is compatible in size?



2)  is "MasterCase Graphics Card Holder" (SKU MCA-0005-KVH00) compatibile with MC P3?



3) Why in MC P3 there is a front frame 5.25", if inside there are not bay 5.25" available?...

,,, do it' s possibile to buy "Device bracket Assy 5,25 " (SKU 621047920-GP9 and put it inside MC P3?



4) can "Maker 5 Fan hub PCB"  ( SKU 700009370-GP) be installed in the back of the MC?

if yes, can I buy it for MC P3 separately?...outside the " MasterCase 5 Maker upgrade kit" (SKU Misc-Maker Upgrade)





max -italy



p.s. Please excuse my rusty English

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knud    129

  1. Not included. The seperate cover is not yet available as retail item.However, I suggest that you can contact the CM EU Store and ask them if they are able to get 1 for you (From RMA or sample).

  2. Yes

You can install 5.25" small devices, such as card readers. ODD can be installed, but it is not very strong to be honest. (let me check for the status of the "real" ODD support bracket.

Yes, you can install the PCB. Same as point 1 - suggest to contact the CM EU Store. They should have stock for replacement/RMA purpose.

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TylerJ    0

1. The top dust cover is not included in the kit, but the slide on slick looking grill is. I just bought one, and I was disappointed to find that the dust cover is not included when all of the review units seemed to have had one. It looks like this standalone dust cover may be available in the EU store now, although there is no product image yet. Is this just the flat dust cover that works with the MasterCase Pro 3? Any idea how long it will be before it makes it to the U.S. store?

3. Are you saying there will be a 5.25 ODD bracket available for purchase for the MasterCase Pro 3? I am very interested in one, but I haven't seen anything about one yet. For the record I am going to put an ODD in either way, without a nice ODD bracket I am planning on trying to prop the back up using the universal VGA holder so that there isn't a long lever arm of weight on the small 5.25 brackets.

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knud    129
  1. The kit you mention is without that dust cover. We don't have it yet. Let me check the ETD
  2. There are 5,25" clips included in the package. Those are designed to hold small devices, such as a card reader or a small function panel. However, I've seen people install an optical drive there as well.

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