Nepton 240m setup

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MMakoy    0

Hi everybody!

I have put together my first build just yesterday. The nepton 240m is connected to a Gigabyte z170x Gaming 7 mobo.
And the case is NZXT n450, it has it's own PWM hub.

The question is my Nepton connected to the mobo correctly?

The setup is as following:
- nepton pump is connected to "CPU_FAN" connection
- nepton fans are connected to the NZXT PWM hub
- the NZXT PMW hub is connected to "CPU_OPT" connection

Any idea if this is ok??

Because so far I get very weird readings of fan speeds with CPUz and Gigabyte EZtune.
It always says "CPU_FAN" 2800RPM  & "CPU_OPT" 400RPM

This can't be right, can it? I mean the pump can't reach 2800? The whole setup makes almost no noise btw, including no pump sounds. But all the fans are spinning.

I've attached a screenshot.

Does anybody know if this looks right or not? Don't want to fry my nepton. Thanks!


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knud    129

The pump runs at around 9000RPM (Well, that is readout normally.)

Can you connect the pump to a regular 3pin header - it is best if it runs at full speed / 12v.


Connecting the fans to a PWM header or hub is fine. But 400 RPM is very low - can you increase the speed somehow?

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dwilko    5

I'd say it depends on fan settings on cpu opt , mine has 1 that runs quicker as it's constantly cooling and the other fan slows down with my settings (they're on the included y splitter).

Max pump speed is 2900 I believe and it should sit at this or there about a regardless.

Keeps the fluid going round kinda like the coolant pump in your car , always on but only when the car is up to temp the fans kick in but in our depends on temperature and fan settings.

Il just reinstall ai suite and tell you what mine run at I've set all mine in the bios anyway it's just more straight forward.

But sounds right to me anyway :)

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dwilko    5

My current fan speeds are;

Cpu fan - 2600

Cpu opt - 706 this is inaccurate due to using a u splitter so it is powering 2 fans at the same time.

Rest are all hovering around the 1100-1400rpm mark bar my 140 which sits at 900rpm on I think is standard bios speeds I can have silent standard or turbo or full speed if I wish.

I'd check your bios see what you have rpm wise full speed too and compare.

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