Cooler Master Pro 5 - GPU Problem

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I've been experiencing a problem with the Cooler Master Pro 5 case.

When assembling the PC, the GPU doesn't seem to properly fit in the case, and therefore it doesn't properly fit into the motherboard slot as a consequence. I thought it might have been something about the GPU itself, but I tried two different cards (MSI GTX 670 and Asus Strix 1070) and they both have the exact same "fitting problem".


In practice, it seems that the outer side of the card, the one with the metallic part which "hooks" to the case and is then used to screw the card to the case, touches the case too early. This causes the card to not be able to descend all the way into the motherboard on the outer side (the back side of the case).


Initially I suspected it might have been a problem with the card, but as I said earlier I tried two different cards and experienced the same failed result. Then I thought it might have been a misplacement of the motherboard, but the motherboard ports on the back of the case are basically perfectly aligned with the opening on the back of the case, so I figured it can't be that the motherboard is "too low" (too close to the side of the case where it lies/it's screwed-on), because if the motherboard was supposed to be higher than that then the ports should be misaligned with the opening in the back too.


And then I ran out of ideas, except the possibility that there is either something wrong with the case (for some reason it was manufactured too short in that point), or maybe I missed something in assembling the parts. I'm excluding the possibility that this is the way the card is supposed to go in this case, because for 160€ it would be absurd that the card couldn't properly descend in the motherboard (even though, after testing, this turned out to be enough to use the card. Still, it's not pretty, and it seems very unstable to me, like a cable that is half-plugged into the power socket). I tried google-searching for similar situations to mine, but found no results. Below there are some pictures to show my situation at the moment. If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions, I'd like to hear them.


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