Cooler Master V6 on Skylake (1151) compartibility

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Ilya    0

I have an old cooler - Cooler Master V6 and want to use it on my new i5 6600k. I didn't find any information on the site that says it compartible with Skylake processsors. I know that it will fit, but aware of skylake bending issue. Asked Tech Support 5 days ago and still no answer. May somebody help me with that? Is it safe to use V6 on Skylake processors (1151)?

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Mohd Noh    177


Welcome to CM Forum


All current and future CPU coolers by Cooler Master that support socket 115x series will continue to work for socket 1151 and the CPUs released based on design platform.



If you're really concerned, I would recommend contacting support services and seeing what they say about it-- they should be able to tell you more definitively.


You can create the ticket at here :




Hope this can help 

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