Masterkeys keys repeating

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Apollo    0

When I type on  my new Masterkey S, each press registers many times unless i tap as quickly as possible. tttttttthhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiissssss  iiiiiiiiis      wwwwwwhhhhhhhat               iiiiiiiiiittttt   looooooookssssssssss likkkkeeeeeeeeeee      iiiiiiffffffffff         iiiiiiiiiii        ttttyppppppppeeee          nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnorrrmmaaaallllyyyy. I ran the example SDK (was just curious what it   did), I thought this might have something to do with it.  I have tried reinstalling, and changing  keyboard settings in windows, both didn't work. Using another keyboard works fine.

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CM Michiel    12

Hi Apollo,


You might have turned on the repeat rate. 

Press FN+ F5 to set it back to 1x. 


FN+F5= Repeat rate 1x

FN+F6= Repeat rate 2x

FN+F7= Repeat rate 4x

FN+F8= Repeat rate 8x


Let me know if this solves the issue ;)

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I, sadly, also have created an account just to say thank you. I was trying to figure out how the "FN" things worked, and I pressed 4X thinking it would make the colors move faster...

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