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Nepton 240M poor performance

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Maksym Druz    0

Hi All,


Used to have Corsair H100 and i-5 4690K overclocked to 4.5 Ghz as initial set-up.

In 1 year H100 produced results, that I was not satisfied - 85 C at top load of CPU, during gaming, etc.


Decided to go for upgrade and picked up Nepton 240M, according to reviews and specs - it should be perfect for my overclocked i-5 4690K CPU.

Changed thermopaste, mounted it on CPU and within 1 week of usage I`m dissapointed.


Aida64 CPU tests push CPU temp at 91C,

During gaming it jumps up to 70C.

Voltage of CPU is 1.8V at 4.5 Ghz, Cache Ratio 4.2 Ghz.


I`m feeling like I paid $$$ just with no results, old and poor in performance reviews H100 performs on the same level as well rated 240m.

Where is a trick?

I`m using Arctic Silver 5 thermopaste.

CPU is scalped and fresh thermopaste used as well.

I`m sure that I mounted everything well and according to instructions.


Any ideas?



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knud    128

Can you share a picture of your current build?


How did you connect the pump and fans? And at what speed do the fans run?


You've used AS5 also on the H100 before?

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