Real Power M620 Getting Old?

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De-Eend    0



When i am gaming my pc shuts off and a red light burns on my Real Power M620.


I get it in borderlands 2 when i am using a cheat and shoot a gazillion rockets

Bioshock 2 remastered 5 min in the game, and sometimes in the witcher 3 and BF 3/4 very randomly


I Know that the psu is a bit old just asking for advice what to do AND how to check if it really is the psu that is failing

Edit i just tested it with msi kombuster.

only the gpu max 70C no shutdown

only the cpu max 80C no shutdown

both cpu/gpu after 4 min shutdown

hope this helps


greets The-Duck.


Cooler Master ATCS 840.

Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 125W Black Edition(no overclock).

Gigabyte R9 390 8GB.

4x 5400rpm hdd.

3x 7200rpm hdd.

1x ssd.

3x 200mm fan.

4x 140mm fan.

and one usb3.0 hub mostly empty.

The CM PSU calculator rates my pc @ 592W

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Sunday Morning    177

Hey man

I think your system insufficient power ...

sent out the ticket to CM support service, try get advice from them.

previously I've same problem like you facing now. My system shut down when I play higher game with higher setting. I hv to upgrade from my old power supply. Just share my experience.

Hope this can help.

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BJHARRIS291    0

I'm sure you have this figured out since this post is few months old ! I agree with the previous guy I think the G9 needs much more power you may be over heating the Power supply. Especially since you have quite a bit HD in there they but once there spooled up they can use little power. If you have allot of memory that CPU and Fans and the G9 can use almost 250 watts at full tilt the CPU 125 at full. You probably have a full power draw of 550-650 watts and you always want to have 20-30 percent more then you'll ever need. Ill bet you that uses 250 watts just idling doing nothing at all !  With ATI cards I do this math any HD needs 500 watts and R7 needs 700 - R9 needs 900 watts if you had a Intel chip that uses only 60 watts you have more lead way. Why you have so many drives I would get 1-2 large drives get rid of the others. Sounds to me like you had them laying around from upgrades just wanted to add them all. There are some good power calculators out their and remember leave yourself 20-30 percent more then you need. I also read power supply's lose as much as 5-7 percent of their ability per year to age.

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knud    129

I'm afraid it's time to replace the PSU - the M620 was a good model at the time, but now it is considered quite old.

Depending on your budget, either the GM 750 or the V750 can be a good replacement.

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